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geosatpro microhd manual

All warranty issues are to be processed through your reseller. Stop recording by pressing the STOP key. Navigation To watch a previously recorded program, Buttons press the DVR List.Do not attempt to use splitters for simultaneous viewing on multiple receivers. Splitters typically do not support multiple FTA receivers. Toll Free 888-483-4673. This is the most popular satellite in North America with hundreds of free TV and Radio channels from around the world. Toll Free 888-483-4673. Are there any obvious obstructions.This mount can be attached at almost any angle and provides a stable secure mount even in high wind regions if properly attached. The tripod legs MUST be installed. Start with the LNBF slid back as far away from the reflector as possible. Tighten the screws to secure the LNBF from rotating. No need to overtighten and break the clamp. Toll Free 888-483-4673. Attempting to communicate the signal readings with a second person viewing the TV will complicate the aiming process! Toll Free 888-483-4673. Questions regarding the connection to any other equipment should be directed to the manufacturer of that device. Press OK to activate. Press EXIT to return to the Installation menu. Highlight Antenna Setup. Press OK to enter. Toll Free 888-483-4673. Highlight Scan Channel.Now you may start watching hundreds of free TV and listening to free Radio stations. If any channel displays a Signal Quality reading below 50%, additional fine tuning adjustments must be made. Toll Free 888-483-4673. Important Notice: GEOSATpro recommends that you DO NOT use existing coaxial cabling that has been pre-wired or previously used in your home. Often these cables are low quality RG-59, not rated for satellite applications or have splitters and other devices that are not compatible.

In the Radio mode, only Radio stations will be available in the Channel List and a Radio background image will display on the video output. Toll Free 888-483-4673. Press LEFT or RIGHT NAV key to select the navigation icons at the bottom of the screen. Press OK key to apply the navigation function. Toll Free 888-483-4673. Note: If the broadcaster does not provide CC, a “No Data” prompt will be displayed.To save the changes, select Yes and press OK key.Add New Satellite and Position Press the GREEN color key Type the new satellite name using the numeric keys.If the target satellite is not displayed, return to Satellite List 2.1 and activate the satellite. Toll Free 888-483-4673. If using USALS motor type, follow these steps to configure the receiver’s calculator to automatically drive the dish into the correct satellite positions once the motor is correctly installed. Toll Free 888-483-4673. To exit without deleting the DiSEqC 1.2 position settings, select No and Press OK key. Toll Free 888-483-4673. This mode will not find new transponders or occasional use transmissions that are not pre programmed into the receiver. Toll Free 888-483-4673. Press UP or DOWN NAV key to highlight a transponder The Signal Level and Signal Quality readings are displayed for the selected Toll Free 888-483-4673. To save the new TP, select SAVE and press OK key.If you wish to scan the TP for manually entered PIDs, select OK and press OK key.Use numeric keys to enter month, day, year Time: Setting with GMT Usage OFF. Use numeric Buttons to enter time in 12 hour mode.Passwords cannot be retrieved and there is no master code to unlock a personal password. Press UP or DOWN NAV key to highlight Confirm Password Toll Free 888-483-4673.

When this feature is a enabled, the micro HD will automatically select the G19 satellite from the activated list and control the switches or motor to receive the update. Firmware updates should be followed with a Factory Reset to clear all previous settings and install fresh data. Toll Free 888-483-4673. Repeat: Play once, Loop Song, Loop Folder FAV All: Select favorite audio files to play in a Play List Toll Free 888-483-4673. This feature converts the current Timeshift file into a DVR recording. Note: Timeshift must be ON to use this feature. Toll Free 888-483-4673. To exit without formatting, select Cancel and Press OK key.A USB device Toll Free 888-483-4673. Accessories Your GEOSATpro reseller carries a large selection of satellite accessories and replacement items. Please consider these accessories for your installation. GEOSATpro microHD. Tired of waiting for firmware releases to Satellite AV has a 10 year, product When you purchase a GEOSATpro microHD, The GEOSATpro microHD is a powerful, The microHD is the World's first and only. MPEG4 receiver to decode Closed. Captioning for display over the HDMI. The microHD also simultaneously outputs. Closed Captioning for TV decoding on the DiSEqC 1.2 positions. H8PSK and 16APSK modulation types.Stacked in any combination or mix.GEOSATpro Remote (special download ALI Editor 2) Mediabox Editor Studio (in Not a generic All rights reserved. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. See All Buying Options Add to Wish List Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Reviewed in the United States on January 16, 2015 Excellent product.

Well illustrated installation booklet available on-line form manufacture. Purchase it to replaced a failed 5 year FTA receiver. Highly recommend this product for its capabilities, ease of use and setup. However, the seller. Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2015 Did not work for me!However, the seller indicated that I had the frequency set up wrong, which I doubt. Lost 15 % re-stocking fee. Please try again later. From the United StatesPurchase it to replaced a failed 5 year FTA receiver. Highly recommend this product for its capabilities, ease of use and setup.Please try again later. Please try again later. web 5.0 out of 5 stars Connected the receiver and ran a blind scan. 250 channels on Galaxy 19, signal was excellent, wife happy!Please try again later. Please try again later. Disccat 5.0 out of 5 stars Please try again later. Please try again later. Faisal Idris 3.0 out of 5 stars However, the seller. Lost 15 % re-stocking fee.Please try again later. Please try again later. Thomas L. Stathem 5.0 out of 5 stars Please try again later. Please try again later. nahhee 5.0 out of 5 stars Most of those including recent ones had horrendous documentation - had to crawl many forums to find parts of an answer to resolve issues. I'll compare this to another tiny one I recently purchased - the X2 Premium Mini. If you have a motorized setup, DON'T GET THE X2!!! When I initially hooked up the X2, set the motor type to DISEQC 1.2, and went to set the limits, the STB drove the motor to the East hardware limit, no matter what I pushed!!! Had to climb a ladder in the snow and push the manual drive button on the motor to get off the limit, then hook up an old trusty STB (Coship CDVB5300B) to move the dish - I always use that one because it will automatically stop on the sat when it gets a strong signal, so you can just jog east and west until this happens then fine tune it in.

The GEOSAT didn't do this but it was pretty easy to jog a few degrees along the arc with the motor until I hit signal then finetune and set position. The motor drive issue with the X2 drove me to look for an alternative (kept the X2 for a bedroom as it does support MPEG4 channels - just made sure to set the motor to NONE). After reading numerous forums the GEOSATpro stood out. I like the idea of not having extra features that only the eyepatch crew wants like internet access. The GEOSAT is also the only STB that I could literally follow the directions in the included manual (or the online version) exactly to install and correctly configure on the first try. As the text description of the item says, it's obvious that the folks who develop and support this product are also legitimate FTA hobbyists - that stands out from the design and documentation. Worth every penny I spent.Please try again later. Please try again later. Rizwan Tabasum 3.0 out of 5 stars Please try again later. Please try again later. I know that this receiver has been out for some time now and has probably been reviewed by others on other forums, but i just got my first one here a week or two ago, and i figured i would post a review as i learn more about it, and maybe others who have not heard of this receiver will find the info useful. No useless connectors or hacker features. Loaded with the functions that hobbyists and satellite enthusiasts have requested. All licenses, certifications and requirements for North American distribution are in place, including FCC part 15 compliance, ETL safety certification and Closed Captioning support. Tired of waiting for firmware releases to fix the original problems that your receiver was sold with, then it creates even more problems? Don't understand the poorly translated manuals and menus. Satellite AV has a 10 year, product proven record in providing solid upgrades and we write the menus, manuals, procedures and firmware for the microHD.

When you purchase a GEOSATpro microHD, you are buying a product that our engineers use in their own homes. The GEOSATpro microHD is a powerful, reliable, yet compact full 1080P HD satellite receiver with DVR and multi media playback. What makes the microHD the best choice. The microHD has been developed and is programmed by our experienced staff here in the US. Designed by satellite hobbyists for satellite hobbyists. GEOSATpro fixes, releases and approved request files are measured in days and hours, not months or years. GEOSATpro is the only FTA equipment in North America to offer set-top box updating via satellite (OTA-SSU updating is a free firmware updating service sent to you via G19 KU band satellite). Satellite AV has a proven 10 year record of excellent customer support. Competent telephone support team members who can answer your questions because we built and programmed this unit starting from the PCB board. One year warranty against factory defect. One year telephone support for receiver menu option questions. Optional telephone support service for integration and trouble shooting with existing or non-GEOSATpro equipment. Including fixed single satellite, multiple satellite fixed and motorized systems (see owners manual for more information). The microHD is the World's first and only MPEG4 receiver to decode Closed Captioning for display over the HDMI. The microHD also simultaneously output Closed Captioning for TV decoding on the composite output. Capable of listing over a thousand of services per transponder, logging at 128 services per scan. Currently supporting QPSK, 8PSK, H8PSK and 16APSK modulation types. LNB support for LO frequencies C-band 5150 through KA-band 18050MHz in any combination or mix. Local time selection of either local manual or GMT offset time setting. Record two channels and watch a third.

Satellite delivery of firmware updates and custom channel lists GEOSATpro Remote (special download schedules for advanced users to try new, beta firmware or customer designed screens and skins). Choice of two PC editor programs 1) ALI Editor 2) Mediabox Editor Studio. Not a generic and vague manufacturers photocopy. Officially supported by SlingBox. Low current draw, 12vdc power source is perfect for use in any home, business, church, cabin, RV, tailgating or even using alternative power sources such as solar or wind.We love you and miss you Evan. We will see you again soon in heaven. I miss you son. You were the best son a dad could have. I am so proud of you. Save a place for me. This is the actual product as received when you buy one of these. I thought the packaging was well done. The receiver is completely bubble wrapped inside the gift box for protection. Review to be continued soon. We love you and miss you Evan. Save a place for me. The receiver itself weighs only 6 oz. The entire package with all accessories in the gift box weighs only about 1 lb 1 oz. So if a small, lightweight unit is what you need, this is it for sure. I also can see where this would be perfect for portability like tailgating, camping, taking with you to your vacation house, flying etc. Speaking of that the power supply is 12vdc and on the bottom of the receiver it states that power consumption is 18W operation, 1w standby. So this thing does not suck down the power at all. I can see where it would be a great choice for alternative energy installs. I thought it was well packaged, and the unit looks to be high quality. I was very impressed with the EXCELLENT user manual - maybe the best i have seen. 54 pages, covers everything and written by someone who understands english. I have seen a lot of very poor manuals, this is the opposite of that. Very well done. Came with 81 Sats in the list from 12.5W to 139.0W, firmware from the factory ver date 042514. The user interface is well done.

I had no problem at all setting it up and scanning satellites. It is a little different in the antenna set-up menu from what i am used to but not hard to figure out at all. I have tested it on many C Band and Ku Band sats, doesn't seem to miss a thing. And it has all sorts of scan options, many more options than what i am used to. I will post more info about this soon along with some screen shots. Great picture. No complaints there. Tested the close captioning and that works great. I tried it on 3ABN English and QVC on G19. And it works on the HDMI, not just the RCA. From what i understand it will output CC on both HDMI and RCA at the same time. I have not tested that yet, but i was told by a trusted source it will. One thing i really liked is that as you change channels it will briefly show a info banner at the bottom of the screen and it will show a CC logo if close captioning data is available for that channel which is very handy. No guessing which channels have CC and which dont. See the 1st pic (attached). Another thing i liked is that the info screen shows ALL the info for each channel. I have had a lot of FTA receivers and most show only some of this info, not all of it. None of the receivers i own now show all this info in one place. See the 2nd pic (attached). Info screen shows TP Freq, Pol, SR, plus Apid, Vpid, PCR, and audio type. Plus shows FEC and SID, as well as modulation and video resolution. This is great for feed hunters who want to quickly find and post all info. I really like this! Has a lot of other cool features like auto update by sat, manual pid entry, multi bar signal meter, and more. I have not tested this stuff out yet but i will soon and report my findings. I am liking it so far for sure. Will post more about it soon as i play with it more and as i have time to post about it. To be continued. We love you and miss you Evan. Save a place for me. I also have an azbox ultra and several openbox. Ill buy another one but this time with Hyper.

Thanks snook for your input, i agree with you, very sensitive to find birds and S2 channels. We love you and miss you Evan. Save a place for me. The Geosatpro Micro HD has some scan options not seen on other receivers. Plus - Custom Frequency Range. Once you hit scan a new window pops up allowing you to customize the start and stop of the Frequency you want to scan. I like this feature and it is one i have not seen before. I can see where it can save you time by narrowing down the Freq you want to scan. As far as scan performance, the Geosatpro Micro HD is fast and accurate. Here is my results scanning Galaxy 19 97.0W Ku: I have also scanned many other sats C and Ku and this box misses nothing. My opinion, this is a great blind scan box. Scans fast enough. Very accurate. Plus many customizable scan options you do not see on other receivers. We love you and miss you Evan. Save a place for me. Interesting that firmware updates are via satellite. Nice to be able to enter a scan frequency range. Some of these options remind me of the old FortecStar Dynamic receiver. Nice job Hyper, thanks. Sponge Plus - Custom Frequency Range. I think the MicroHD still scans its entire range no matter what you enter here. It just doesn't save anything outside of the range you enter. That can be handy too though. DRCars It just doesn't save anything outside of the range you enter. That can be handy too though. DRCars Thanks DRCars, you are right. I just tested this and it scans entire range just like you said. So this does not decrease the scan time at all. We love you and miss you Evan. Save a place for me. On my 10 Ft Winegard Dish. All Transponders deleted before scan.We love you and miss you Evan. Save a place for me. I also have a MicroHD for about a year now as my main STB receiver. It's hard to believe how small this receiver is and the update firmware via satellite option is an awesome feature. GEOSATpro seems to make great products.

Earlier this year, I reported a firmware issue. So I tried another receiver and had no issues at all. When I reported this issue, GEOSATpro was able to duplicate the issue. They advised me that I could return my MicroHD for a full refund if I was not happy with it. I told them that it was too great of a receiver for me to do that and that it was only a minor issue. I wanted to pass this info along to anyone else that runs into this (I like to turn my LNB power off when I am not using my MicroHD during storm season). Hopefully GEOSATpro will address this software issue in a future firmware release. There is always room for improvement. Press the red button to activate audio tone. We love you and miss you Evan. Save a place for me. Please try again.Please try again.In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Register a free business account Please try your search again later.To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Please try again later. Chuck 5.0 out of 5 stars Purchase it to replaced a failed 5 year FTA receiver. Highly recommend this product for its capabilities, ease of use and setup.Connected the receiver and ran a blind scan. 250 channels on Galaxy 19, signal was excellent, wife happy!However, the seller. Lost 15 % re-stocking fee.Most of those including recent ones had horrendous documentation - had to crawl many forums to find parts of an answer to resolve issues. Worth every penny I spent. I do not believe things have been decrypted yet with the new method of encrypting the signal. (forget the exact terms of it). But since I have purchased the viewsat vs pro it has been sitting in the box collecting dust. Is there anything I can use it for currently. I have direct tv dish and subscription currently. thanks! This new version includes the following enhancements.

New features: - Implemented ability to rename channels from the remote control. Procedure is similar to deleting channels where you need to select the desired channel in the channels list, press the menu key and select the rename function from the popup menu. - Added ability to control the level of thoroughness for blindscan and improved scan performance by tweaking tuner driver code. - Added percentage display during scan. - Added transponder frequency to default name for unnamed channels. Bug fixes: - Fixed scanning channels with no valid SDT. This fixes the issue where certain unnamed channels would not scan in unless PIDs were manually entered. Issue reported by danleeper80 and migold - Thank you - Fixed display of encryption system in Signal analyzer when tuned to an encrypted channel by moving signal bars lower. Issue reported by QA - Fixed broken web streaming on certain channels. Long outstanding issue reported by developers - Enhanced demux initialization on boot. This fixes the occasional no video issue on first channel after boot. Remember that you may manually reinitialize the demux at anytime by pressing MENU then the BLUE button twice. Issue reported by QA - Improved performance in antenna setup on systems with lots of activated satellites. Issue reported by developers - Miscellaneous minor bug fixes Available for download now via the Internet update function on network connected receivers or download via our support page to install using your USB flash drive.Now, I want to get my brother AMC 9. I checked the files and Extreme was not listed. Could someone please show me the latest available update. Thanks for any help. If this isn't possible, is there another way to accomplish this task without going to the extreme that Scott is doing by using a Slingplayer setup to his second MicroHD. That's quite elegant, but too much work and cost if you don't already have a Slingplayer.

I've been trying purchase a MiniMe American edition for some time without success. Neither of the Canadian distributors will deliver to he UK. Can anyone suggest an alternative supplier. Thanks ?John I went to the internet to research the problem and an hour later when I went back I got video -did nothing to fix it-. I spent the first night scanning and setting satellites, the next day after work the receiver was again with no video and it has been like that for a week while I got my USB Cable. I don't connect power supply when flashing, the LED is green as soon as I plug the cable. And today I saw the background image once for 2 seconds before disappearing. Any suggestions? How much time does it take to boot. What is a normal LED color sequence? (the USB led is always off). Both or default or user. And if it is looping, would I see a different sequence of LED lights.Does your remote blink on any key press or does it pulse? It's a bit annoying if you have the first sat at say 30w and USALS, and you are watching 125w, and want to update or scan a transponder. The dish takes quite a tour back and fourth. If you go to the antenna setup menu first and switch between TPs on that screen you can go back to the TP list and you will be on the right sat. Of course I learned quickly to disable the motor function on 30w so nothing happens if I forget and go straight to the TP list menu page first.:) Just to make a very excellent receiver a bit more excellent! -C. I bought a X2 Premium in Newegg and I need to set up again the bird, I forgot the numbers. Can you please help meset up this box with this bird. I need the X2 manual. FTA is a nice hobby i still remember my first box, Captiveworks 600, I read the Iceberg review and I bought it long time ago:rolleyes: I have read the manual (which is written in a way that is very confusing) and I have been looking through the posts on this forum and others for help in trying to make it work.

So far I have not been able to get it to so much as give me any kind of a picture on the TV screen. It will start when I turn on the power, and apparently it goes through the boot up process as indicated by the display on the box, but nothing shows up on my TV screen, not even a menu for setup or anything else. I do not have this hooked up to a dish yet, but I should think that the menu would display even though it is not hooked up to a dish. Can anyone give me some insight as to what may be wrong? Thanks The microHD will not display the USB green LED. The microHD will note, on the TV screen, that the drive has been removed when you unplug the USB. I can and did do a NTFS format with windows 7 (took 18 hours!). Swiss Army Knife shows a USB connected with a sub USB and will not format it, shows read error. Swiss Army Knife will show all of the drive information - just can't read the sub USB. I believe the problem is with the the Acomdata box.The issue I am having involves the 22 kHz setting. I have a satellite meter that turns the 22kHz tone on when I was out at the dish site tuning in a channel on the satellite, so the dish is pointed correctly. Inside with the AzBox, I have tried tuning in the channel (automatic satellite scan) both with the 22kHz tone setting enabled and disabled. I have not had any luck using the automatic satellite scan doing this. However, when I try to view the channels, the quality is 0 and they do not tune it. HOWEVER - I have discovered that by connecting the satellite meter to the AzBox's loop out and having the satellite meter send the 22 kHz tone to the LNBF, I am able to receive the channel on both the AzBox and the satellite meter. Altogether, I think I have figured out that the AzBox does not (always) seem to output the 22 kHz tone. However, it will discover the channel during the manual scan. I just cannot view the channel unless I have another piece of equipment sending the 22k tone.

Does anyone have suggestions as to how I can fix this issue. I do have a standard 10750 LNBF which works fine with the AzBox. Unfortunately, I am only borrowing it and must return it soon. I would like to get my Universal LNBF working correctly but don't seem to be having any luck. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you. This new version includes the following enhancements. Bug fixes: - Greatly improved blind scan accuracy and performance. Long standing issue reported by several users and developers - Thank you - Fixed locking issue with certain low symbol rate transponders introduced in firmware version 1.65. Issue reported by scopus - Thank you - Improved performance when deleting channels. Issue reported by QA - Miscellaneous minor bug and GUI fixes Available for download now via the Internet update function on network connected receivers or download via our support page to install using your USB flash drive. Best regards, Now, let me explain myself just a little bit because if I don't, there could be some major misunderstandings here. 1. I haven't had any trouble with the boot loop for a very long time (maybe even last year. I can't recall), after having used the official and most recent version of the ALI Editor and following the instructions exactly as you see here. 2. I am not posting anything new here. Everything in the PDF file has been clearly stated elsewhere in the forum and by Brian on YouTube. If you search for the answers, you will find them! 3. Let's be honest. Although the answers are all there, they aren't so easy to locate. Even after filtering the results for GeoSat products, it can be a challenge to find the individual step-by-step instructions for the various procedures in the forum: updating the firmware, saving your.udf file, restoring your.udf file, etc. Yes, the.

abs update instructions are included in the release announcement on the page one sticky, but they are not fashioned in a traditional chronological format for new users (the videos, however, are perfect). In the process of all this searching, and flipping back and forth between pages, a tired user might have a lapse in judgment and skip a very important step -- for example, power cycling before reloading the.udf file. 4. I did not include a section on how to update via satellite (but I did include a link to the video that explains this). I also did not explain anything about using the ALI Editor (but the procedure for adding an ALI edited.udf file is the same as in the included instructions). 5. If this document is made into a sticky, do make sure my instructions are flawless. I did the best I can and some of you have already commented, but I need a few more pairs of eyes to make absolutely sure. I'd hate to mess someone up because I left out a word or sentence. 6. I taught middle school for eleven years. Communication between students, teachers, principals, other schools, and district administrators would often go awry due to something as simple as the way information was presented. All I wish to do with this document is create a new way of presenting the same information. I'm not reinventing the wheel -- I'm just trying to move it to the front shop window so people can see it better.:rolleyes: MicroHDUpdateInstr.pdf I want a receiver that can drive the motorize dish and can do a blind scan as well. I'm not interested in be able to watch a lot of channels but I'm really interested in be able to pick signal for couple channels on IS 23 and IS 25. I would like to know the descent receiver and a descent dish that can do the job for me. I will use it on the loop out of my OpenBox S9 tied to a C Band system. I could plug it into my Internet network if I wanted to, but have never seen the need to do so with the S9, so what's the purpose of it.